Design to survive the Crisis


5 simple steps program to survive the crisis and get out of it empowered

1 Innovation Crisis = Opportunity, how many times did you heard that? a hundred, a million? and how can you get this famous opportunity? by innovating, maybe in the price, maybe in the service, maybe in the way you present or portray your services. The word is innovation, change the game, and think outside the box.

2 Quality Don’t throw away everything, try to remain steady in the quality you provide, and if your services or brand wasn’t good enough THIS is the time to rebrand, reinvent, step forward, crisis tells apart good brands from bad ones.

3 Service Now is the time to get your customers pampered, as the competition becomes desperate, you  should focus in a good customer relationship. Add value to this relationship. The more you invest in this area, the stronger your brand will emerge once the crisis has gone.

4 Communication Don’t leave your audience (customers+prospects+supliers) hanging, now it’s the time to get your message out there, clearer, louder and more effectively, use the low cost communications channels available today, like facebook, twitter, linked in  and a gazillion others. (you don’t have the time? )Get  a website done where all this social networks are united and controlled. One post in your site/blog and get published in 10 another networks… harness the power of social networking without the hassle!

5 Engage Resonate with your customers, they are living the struggle too. And what’s more, brands are still trusted by consumers to deliver on the promise time and again. As a result, consumers are saving up to invest in a brand, rather than the crazy consumerism of several years ago.

Continually investing in your brand so that it stands out from the competition is like buying T-bills. You’ll always get your money back, and you can always trust it.”

How can we help your business? We can rebrand you completely, we can provide you with a website that works for you, SEO optimized, social network enabled, easy to administrate, flexible and powerful. We can design your brand, one to stand out and get the message right. We can create valuable communication, for your networking, your advertising, we can create that opportunity in this crisis.

“Smart brands have a unique chance now to make their competition irrelevant through reinvestment in their brand. Forging an emotional connection with the consumer will in not only create loyalty but profit–for you and the market. And I’ll give you credit for saving the economy.”

Contact us, let us know your needs, we can help your brand to grow stronger, Check out out “crisis prices” for design at our local partners or send us an email here