Branding and Webdesign


Leet labs is a New York-based technology development company.

We have worked with its founder in several other projects for different companies, so when he decided to create his third own company he didn´t hesitate on calling upon our design services.

Despite being miles away he trusted us whit our design and branding expertise to re-create the brand from a previous proposal made for them by another design studio.

We took over the project and in some weeks we came around with a proposal that achieved what our client expected from the beginning.

The Design Process


These are the original explorations for the new brand, trying to keep the spirit of the original concept as required by our client.


We ended up giving the blurb the golden ratio proportions. We aligned the texts so it can be read as a single line and we make parallel lines in the horizontal direction to ease the eye passage through the two words (1337 and lab)

The color scheme was reduced and taken down a bit to have more serious shades (especially the blue) and keeping only one color for each department.

The Result

In the compared versions we can see the differences between both logos.  Balanced proportions, continuity in lines, simpler on the family font, improved readability, improved pragnanz, easy recognition, and easy memorization.

Stay tuned for its 2019 launch