Branding and Webdesign


An innovative concept in tourism investments needed a new brand, but one that continues with the graphic features of the previous  family of brands that the development company that hired us had.

Continuing with the theme of the tourism destination where it is located, the naming of the project was resolved with “waves”, a characteristic element of the coast.

For the icon, we worked on the same line as in previous ones, reducing the natural elements referred to in the name to geometric lines.

The typeface family is its own, based on Gotham Light, underlining the values of elegance and solidity, characteristic of premium real estate developments of this type.

For the sales brochures, communicational support elements were used, such as the gradient of the depth of the sea, and photographic elements of waves.

It is our fourth collaboration with this development company and I love to think that it is the result of our effort to add value to our clients as our business relationships grow in the long term and are increasingly strengthened.

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