Branding and Webdesign


Corporate Identity for the CIO Constant Improvement Office We worked with “estratega” consulting in mid-2011 for a project born of the needs of IT Management to address the design of an innovation process institutionalized, modern, mature, and sustainable methodologically for the area, to ensure a continuous flow of ideas, and especially its implementation to generate the associated value. So we created a new brand for this office, with individual values to transmit, but with the challenge to do it within the Main Corporate Identity Design elements. We developed several alternatives, and with an exhaustive selection process, we came up with this design. Easy to recognize the symbol resumes the individual positiveness that in larger groups provides the momentum necessary to set the wheels in motion (motion represented by the symbol and its directionality) We also designed a communication strategy, to inform of the new department first, and then to maintain motivated the employees and committed to this ongoing improvement process. We developed a series of posters, as well as web banners and even a small intranet.