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Ingersoll USA e-commerce

Extremelly proud to have participate in the redesign and launch of the new Ingersoll USA webshop !

We started the project with a restyling of the old website, but in the design process we (management and design team) decided to move forward and do a completely new design, clear, clean, easy to navigate and responsive. (mobile friendly)

Why we choose Shopify for the new Ingersoll USA website

Shopify was choosen for its perfomance and scalabiltiy.

Also because the UX we wanted our customers to had was very easy to implement with this tool, easy steps to view and buy the watches online.

The result is a better website, we are getting more conversions, and more sales through this new responsive e-commerce solution.

This new Ingersoll usa website was developed in a short timespan: less than 3 months, wich gave the client an efficient ecommerce solution in no time, and the return of the investment made on the website started paying off really soon.

Part of the UX design ideas was to give this website a crisp and clear look, we choose white as the main colour and black for the details which gave us an elegant visual frame to display the main thing, the products.

Ingersoll USA website was launched on April 2015 and boosted the sales of this watch brand by 50% whithin the first 3 months, proving that way that a simple e commerce solution can be applied to your business too.

The brand has a cataolgue of more than 100 different models of watches, ranging from kids, to woman watches and to sports and elegant watches.

Our webdesign allowed us to accomodate all those categories easily integrated and very easy to find.

If you want to visit the new Ingersoll watches USA website follow this link or  click the button below.

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