Branding and Webdesign


More than 8 years later, the Quequén Art School brand is renewed. This time we worked to create a free, fluid and moving brand, a brand that is not resting and it´s allowed to play and explore. The only rule is that each background can and should vary according to the “communication moment” and the message to be transmitted. 

We developed an unconventional, modern typographic brand away from stereotypes of the “stroke” class that reflects a little artistic activity and childhood, but with enough authority, not to leave out the adult student. A brand that is in the stylistic line of brands from institutions linked to art such as museums and cultural centers.

The brand is always looking for, exploring and redefining its limits, so invites to be intervened both in figure and background and where each activity, each person, each student, and each artist can pour in it their uniqueness.

For the institutional communication, a negative logo on colored backgrounds with a simulated paper cut is determined, a background that grows the idea of ​​fluid movement that we want to convey with the brand.