Political Com and the debate winner


I don’t have any political affiliation, and nor have a side to choose. I have watched and analyzed the debate as two political forces as I was an independant that tried to listen to ideas and government plans to decide my vote.

It was a better debate than the first one by far, in so many aspects.

The moderator job was excellent but seemed a little protective of Biden, although her job was to maintain a balanced timeframe and opportunity, which she did incredibly well, sometimes she seemed somehow overprotective of Biden. This topic is open to discussion because as I seid before, it’s an impression on the debate.

The silence button was another needed measure but that clearly benefits the less prepared candidate Biden, although Trump was much more moderate on interruptions and he actually addressed Biden in a much respectful way than the previous debate.

These are the future leaders of the world, at least a very important part of it, the debate should have been more interesting, one expected that the candidates would have been more prepared, and more ideas of the future should have been portrayed.

There was no politics discussed, there were no plans presented in spite of the fact that the questions, that I assume the candidates got in advance, refer directly and specifically to the actions that each candidate would take on different matters once and if they got elected.

Instead of that I heard accusations, mumblings about things done or not.

Clearly Trump is more prepared than Biden for this type of confrontation, maybe because of his business background and experience, but it’s hard not to tell that Biden has a huge experience in politics, as well as his team, to get him ready to confront  a contestant like Trump.

But again Trump over confidently shits on its advantage when he speaks about racism, and exaggerates points of his administration. Clearly he can restrain and that unnecessary over the top semantics that he uses, gets him less points and that is what gets him a no trust vote from the people. He should speak as he is the president not a car salesman. Nevertheless, he pointed out some actions to take, rather than Biden that did not.

Biden has a more appealing presidential look, but it lacks the strength that the chair requires. He projects good and kindness, but not leadership.

Appeal to the public in politics is a huge part of winning an election. Maybe not in the states, that the political agreements made off public view plays a decisive role in the result of the election. But for a democracy or a candidate that looks forward to increasing each time more the quantity of voters, candidates should generate excitement, security and a sense of belonging that leads the voter to actually go and vote.

Who was the winner? The debate process, that clearly has improved from the first encounter.

Who will win the election? In spite of the poll rise that shows Biden as a winner I still think Trump has more chances to get re-elected.

Tom Bayle is a political Consultant and a communications Expert with more than ten years of experience and has participated in the strategy and implementation of 12 political campaigns.