Graphic design for small business


Few new projects or enterprises, small SMEs are born with a proper business plan, a balanced investment, an interesting and competitive notion but ultimately fail because they do not reach the public? Recently on a professional seminar for entrepreneurs and business managers SME training, I take the pleasant surprise that the design was considered as one of the key factors in the success of a new venture .. My great surprise was seen as ultimately this understanding the integration of design and communication to the business plan and strategy of running a business sounds great right? It’s actually understand that design is the commercial part, the communication tool that will allow you to reach and better reach your customer’s head. We begin with naming. A very difficult task for some entrepreneurs, who can’t focus and start mixing different and very personal elements to bueid the brand name. Rather difficult task indeed, not impossible, but with terrible results: Frustrated Designer, happy customer, the public does not understand the idea – business closes. We follow up the brand, with the logo creation, the selection of the font family or the creation of an ad hoc for that brand. The sign icon or isotype, that famous “little picture” that is charged with a profound responsibility that is to be engraved in the mind of the beholder, implementing information Paperwork, colors, shapes, smells a smile behind desk, lighting, cleaning. Harmony as a whole is designed, planned and controlled to ensure that the brand impronte people in a positive way. Why not create a shopping experience that has good anticipation, a pleasant realization and leave us a pleasant memory and the need to repeat and tell … That is the strategic design for SMEs and enterprises or businesses. If the purpose is to sell, we must begin by motivating people to buy, motivate is to seduce, and be seduced is much easier with something beautifully designed. The design must be according to using beauty business communication and message. Bayledesign creates brands, websites and communication for small businesses, retailers and independent professionals. Contact with us to see what we can do to improve your venture