My name is Gaston Bayle, I am a Design Consultant I have a degree in Industrial Design as well as a Graphic Design. I´m a Corporate Identity Specialist with post-graduate studies at the UP. Im the Creative Director of Bayledesign, my own comunications design agency and Consultancy. We work for large companies, medium business and small start ups all arround the world.

Why Work with us

We focus in our “Quality over quantity” concept and we understand clearly the difference between cost and investment. Our services are flexible bringing solutions for small start-ups as well as larger companies. EVERY work is directly supervised by our Creative Director. We always try to give a unique solution. and we are always willing to go that extra mile to give you the solution you need, even when you didn´t realize you need one solution… We work all over the world, having pojects done in England, Spain, Switzerland, The United States, Chile, Uruguay and of course Argentina.