Small business website design Los Angeles

Small business website design Los Angeles for tailor maid, a cleaning services L.A. based small company. This cleaning services start-up ask us bout it’s current webdesign (yahoo free sites) and actually it wasn’t “bad” but lacked of the responsive mode needed for a correct web positioning nowdays. Having to re-do the site we went full throtle and completely redesigned this small business website.

We used the onepager solution (check out our incredible low prices on webdesign) to keep it simple, faster to load and easier to navigate. One interesting thing for this Los Angeles based company site is that we tried to maintain the mail back and forth consultation at a minimum, so with the owner we created an extensive checkbox form so he can have as much information in the first consultation as posible.

Responsive Website Design

This website is built on bootstrap so it can be viewed in any mobile devices, being that most housewifes and homeowners just check their emails and social networks on their phones…

It’s super important nowdays to have in mind the importance of responsive website design for small business. The market where the battle is being fought today is on the cellphone screens, and if your information is not displayed correctly there youre not gonna get new customers in that segment (wich is more than 50%of the internet traffic).


Small business website design in Los Angeles

We have a lot of ecperience on helping small business grow via internet sales. From improving your internet precense to developing a huge e-commerce for online sales. No matter your size if you have great goals we can help you achieve them


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E-commerce los angeles websites

When you need to sell your products online, or when you try to reach out to more customers with your services, the best way to do it is with an e-commerce website.

We are a boutique design studio thats specializes in heling our clients make their business grow. How we do it? by giving them the best e-commerce solutions, the best branding consultancy, designing them the bet promotion materials, all with a same objective: reach out more, get there a better message, make poeple fall in love with the brands.

e-commerce los angeles web solutions

We can craft an e-commerce for any company, small or big, from out of the box solutions to meticulous crafted ones.

this is one of our latest works in the e-commerce area.  A website we developed for Ingersoll watches usa in Los Angeles.

E-Commerce Los Angeles

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Website design Los Angeles

A couple of years back we started our design venture in Los angeles with a couple of friends, we focused on website design los angeles, we gained had several clients, and slowly but with patience we have been growing in the area.

Here are some examples of works done for several companies, small, medium and large:

  • Shulte corp
  • Lusch Audi
  • Ingersoll watches
  • Blackstone Manufacturing

We can improve your web presence with a new website design los angeles based service, wich includes, your current web analysis, web design written proposal, in where we state all the items to be taken in consideration for your future web design, and an estimate.

If you agree to proceed with our web design los angeles service, we get you back with a couple of web design proposals  from where we toghether (client and designer) choose and decide wich one suits better your business needs. only then we move on to the web development process, making us sure the youre going to get the design you want and need before we start coding a line, avoiding all misunderstandings and disapoinments between client and designer.

Website design los angeles

Want to know how much costs our website design los angeles service? It’s not that expensive, we have the experience and the tools to reduce our cost and hence bring you the best web design offer in the area. Check out our newest offer in responsive web design services.

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