Red EV

We developed a brand for an electric vehicle supplier. Our client business was focused on not only selling electric cars but an extensive network of charging stations and charging points all over Spain in the first stage and Europe in the future.

Leet Labs brand design

Leet labs is a New York-based technology development company.

We have worked with its founder in several other projects for different companies, so when he decided to create his third own company he didn´t hesitate on calling upon our design services.

Despite being miles away he trusted us whit our design and branding expertise to re-create the brand from a previous proposal made for them by another design studio.

We took over the project and in some weeks we came around with a proposal that achieved what our client expected from the beginning.

The Design Process


These are the original explorations for the new brand, trying to keep the spirit of the original concept as required by our client.


We ended up giving the blurb the golden ratio proportions. We aligned the texts so it can be read as a single line and we make parallel lines in the horizontal direction to ease the eye passage through the two words (1337 and lab)

The color scheme was reduced and taken down a bit to have more serious shades (especially the blue) and keeping only one color for each department.

The Result

In the compared versions we can see the differences between both logos.  Balanced proportions, continuity in lines, simpler on the family font, improved readability, improved pragnanz, easy recognition, and easy memorization.

Stay tuned for its 2019 launch

Electric Bike logo

A new venture from England contacted us to develop a simple visually striking image for it´s logo. BeS Electric bikes is an electrical bicycle company in London that aims to change the way londoners go to work…

OnWine – wine bar lounge

Mobile App

We have developed a new mobile app for ASP Argentina. The app was designed as a product catalog and  dosification guide for internal use only.

This  app allows the agronomical engeneers to input data directly from the field and gives back dosifications and product usage for the specific case .



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Tailor Maid

This cleaning services start-up located in Los Angeles CA. ask us about it’s current webdesign (yahoo free sites) and actually it wasn’t “bad” but lacked of the responsive mode needed for a correct web positioning.

We used the onepager solution (check out our incredible low prices on webdesign) to keep it simple, faster to load and easier to navigate. And of course we redesigned the whole site. One interesting thing for this Los Angeles based company site is that we tried to maintain the mail back and forth consultation at a minimum, so with the owner we created an extensive checkbox form so he can have as much information in the first consultation as posible.


Responsive Website Design

This website is built on bootstrap so it can be viewed in any mobile devices, being that most housewifes and homeowners just check their emails and social networks on their phones…

It’s super important nowdays to have in mind the importance of responsive website design for small business. The market where the battle is being fought today is on the cellphone screens, and if your information is not displayed correctly there youre not gonna get new customers in that segment (wich is more than 50%of the internet traffic). A special attention on UX was placed in this stage…



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Blackstone Manufacturing Website

New and responsive site developed for the florida based custom limousine cars and refrigerated vans constructor Blackstone Manufactruring.

After restyling the logo,where we streamlined and tweaked it a little, we crearted new brochures, new business cards, and looking to engage more online requests, a new website.

The website is based on the bootrsap framework and is a wordpress cms. We created the template from zero, because we wanted to have all the flexibility possible, for future modifications.

Blackstone manufactring website is one of the latest designs we have done in USA.

You can visit the site here


View of the Blackstone Manufacturing Website



Logo design for Blackstone Manufacturing




Echelon Argentina website

We have recently launched the new Echelon Argentina website !
a responsive html5 website that shows the agro producers the benefits of working with this satellite mapping and imaginering company.

An horizontal slider was used to show  how the services apply to analyze the soils and it’s features.

We used svg ‘s instead of png all across the website to avoid quality loss on high definition devices, and we added neat simple animations to highlight the actions, mantaining the attention avoiding to distract the users from the content.

Visit Echelon Argentina



Ingersoll USA website

Extremelly proud to have participate in the redesign and launch of the new Ingersoll USA webshop !

We started the project with a restyling of the old website, but in the design process we (management and design team) decided to move forward and do a completely new design, clear, clean, easy to navigate and responsive. (mobile friendly)

Why we choose Shopify for the new Ingersoll USA website

Shopify was choosen for its perfomance and scalabiltiy.

Also because the UX we wanted our customers to had was very easy to implement with this tool, easy steps to view and buy the watches online.

The result is a better website, we are getting more conversions, and more sales through this new responsive e-commerce solution.

This new Ingersoll usa website was developed in a short timespan: less than 3 months, wich gave the client an efficient ecommerce solution in no time, and the return of the investment made on the website started paying off really soon.

Part of the UX design ideas was to give this website a crisp and clear look, we choose white as the main colour and black for the details which gave us an elegant visual frame to display the main thing, the products.

Ingersoll USA website was launched on April 2015 and boosted the sales of this watch brand by 50% whithin the first 3 months, proving that way that a simple e commerce solution can be applied to your business too.

The brand has a cataolgue of more than 100 different models of watches, ranging from kids, to woman watches and to sports and elegant watches.

Our webdesign allowed us to accomodate all those categories easily integrated and very easy to find.

If you want to visit the new Ingersoll watches USA website follow this link or  click the button below.

Visit Ingersoll Watches USA

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ADM Landing page

This is a work in progress, we have started with this landing page for a new watch Brand focused on technological innovation tradition and heritage with local design. We were commissioned to design its landing page, a teaser and an email gathering system, one year before the product launch. We used a responsive grid, to make the landing page visible in all devices and we used some small animations with html5 + css3 transitions to make it more interesting…


Hotel San Ceferino Website

We have designed and developed the new site of San Ceferino Hotel & SPA. We modernized its online presence with a responsive site (fitting all screens) using bootstrap framework and wordpress platform for content management, that now runs under the Hotel administration  without needing for an external person. I improved the SEO of the page and now the hotel facilities are best shown, thus being more tempting, better communicating the site shows properly the quality of the establishment.

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ASP Uruguay new website

ASP, one of the leading companies in marketing and distribution of Agrochemicals and seeds entrusted us the redesign of its website for Uruguay. A simple, easy to navigate site that provides information quickly on any device. We also did the photo shoots for the products.


Arts Magazine

Interior-3-2 Interior-3-4 Interior-3-1 Interior-3-3 Interior-3-0 Interior-2-0-0 Interior-2-0 Interior-2-2 Interior-2-1

Ralph’s bistro & bar


La Dolfina Polo Bar

City Branding for Beach town

This is a personal project done in 2006 Descubri-quequen-Revista Descubri-quequen-Ipad


Real Estate websites

We have recently relaunched the ” Te ofrezco mi casa” website, a site similar to airbnb for the city of Necochea, in the south coast of Argentina. The site has been arround for 7 years and it was time for a facelift, and a UX improvement. We simplified the search, making it the first step on the site, you have google maps to locate the property multilpe image galleries social sharing for each page, and availability calendar. Then we built a multiple property consultation, and finally we added some details to the form. The result was a pleasant to the eye design and a much more simple navigation, with  html5, css3, bootstrap responsive website.

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“Te Ofrezco Mi casa” Logo Redesign

We thought that the logo neede to be redone. Although the previous version was cute, seemed old, out of place. We went on by simplyfying the brand using an icon language, having the action proposed on the site in the image (I offer you my house).


Logo old vs logo new

Social Media Campaigns

The project was to create a social media presence for the furniture manufacturing company LoftDesign. After creating profiles on different social networks, we began with the content creation, in this case oriented to home decoration and especially furniture, thenwe worked with contests and finally we focus on the direct interaction with the community . From all the networks initially created (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, tumblr, and linkedin) we find that the most used by people in our aimed target was facebook, so we focus our communication on that channel.

The results were surprising, we now have over 22,000 facebook fans in just over 6 months.

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2 Tage in Kontakt

Poster for Contact Improvisation event in Switzerland !

Tarragona Food Branding

We created the identity for a food importer company of Tarragona We developed the website and business stationery


Tarraco FoodTrade Web

Tarraco FoodTrade logo

Weddings Magazine

Interbank Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity for the CIO Constant Improvement Office We have worked with “estratega” consulting   in mid-2011 for a project born of   the needs  of IT Management to address the design of an innovation process institutionalized, modern, mature and sustainable methodologically for the area, to ensure a continuous flow of ideas, and especially its implementation to generate the associated value. So we created a new brand for this office, with individual values to transmit, but with the challenge to do it within the Main Corporate Identity Design elements. We developed several alternatives, and with an exhaustive selection process we came up with this design. Easy to recognize the symbol resumes the individual positiveness that in larger groups provides the momentum necessary to set the wheels in motion (motion represented by the symbol and its directionality) We also designed a communication strategy, to inform of the new department first, and then to maintain motivated the employees and committed to this ongoing improvement process. We developed a series of posters, as well as web banners and even a small intranet.



Leb Labs Branding

This proyect was developed for a Clinical Analysis Lab. They expanded their services by not only doing all common clinical analysis but specializing in blood and DNA related analysis. They reached out of their city and explanded their services to a regional level. We developed the naming, they never had one and people just went by their owners names, but for a Regional market they were strangers and needed some type of auditive and visual cue to be recognized, so we ended using the initials for its activity wich nobody realized to use before in the industry. We added a human figure and a dna chain as a logo to relate absolutely to the activity. We developed the website, based on a WordPress platform and a variety of graphical pieces for internal and external communication. LebLogo LebCarpeta LebTarjetas LebIdentidadCompleta LebWeb

Tourism Magazine 2012

For the third year, we were called to design the magazine’s summer Necochea Hotels Association, we made the cover art, editorial design and much of the magazine’s photography. We also designed a new map to show the distance and location of the city.

Swiming Camps Meolans-Otero

Two of Argentinas best swimers teamed up to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of swimmers. to acheive this objective, they came up with this training camps all arround the country where te olimpic swimmers can learn from the masters all the tricks and share the experience in the way to became better swimmers. We developed Brand Identity and a Website for this project.

Globalfarm Corporate Identity

Entwicklung des Internal Branding für Globalfarm Pharmaunternehmen. Wir schaffen Identität für die interne Kommunikation und motivierende Elemente, um die neuen Werte des Gebietes zu vermitteln.


Tourism Magazine 2011

Tourism Magazine and Guide, comissioned by the Hotels Asociation this yearly magazine protrays all the hotels and restaurants of the city and has information about sightseeing, traveling, accomodation, history and all the information a visitor should need to enjoy a vacation in this coastal city. We also did some of the photography and the cover art (shown below some alternatives)

Tourism Magazine 2010

Tourism Magazine, we also did the photography for this publication.

De las Mercedes Brand

Brand design consultancy for Decoration and Interior Design firm in the city of Buenos Aires, which also sells accessories for decoration, furniture, objects old and new, unique and custom fabrics, and woven accessories. We use a very traditional name of Argentina “de las mercedes” and a set of textures to represent the craft and artisianship of the company, on stationery that texture became real texture, using rustic papers and prints. On the web we represent it with variations of tones and artificial reliefs. The website has a product catalog and is self manageable by the company.

Melluso Electrical co. Website

We developed a website for a local power company. We use wordpress as cms and design a custom template for the company, respecting its corporate identity. This site gave freedom to the user to manage the content by itself.

 Visit website

Medents Advertising

Advertising made for Medents Odontological Centers, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Schulte Corporation Website

Since its conception, Schulte Corporation has been involved in manufacturing complex components for many of the airplanes and space vehicles in operation today. We were very proud to be selected for the development of its website

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Photos: Cafres y Jaqueca

In the summer 2012 I attended to a “Los Cafres”, a raggae band, concert support group was “Headache”

Monviso Corporate Identity

We have recently developed Brand Identity for a Famous Real Estate developer, this is their 6th apartment building and we were comisioned to design the brand, website, brochures, and online marketing campaing. This is a high end building development so we choose to design every piece with delicate fonts and bold colors, to transmit that sense of modern elegance and solidity. This is our fourth brand development for real estate developers in our history.


Website Estancia Los Moros

2011 Development for the rural and marine tourismus Venture “Estancia Los Moros” a site entirely in flash to show pictures in full screen and somehow try to convey the majesty and broadth of the place. The work was “blessed” by the professional photographs of the owner of the Ranch. View the web here 

New Branding for Galeno Gym

Redesign for the Galeno Gym Brand, we took over the duty to gave a full redesign for its brand thanks to the extended relationship we had with the company in we were developing their graphic ads campaing in local media.

Canaries Branding

Tango y Teide nuevo logo

Desde Islas canarias (España) nos llego el encargue de realizar una marca para una empresa que se dedica a la Organización de eventos y cursos relacionados con el tango. Si estan en Islas Canarias y les interesa el tango sigan la pagina de facebook de esta empresa Si estas interesado en contratar nuestros servicios de Diseño web para las islas canarias no dudes en contactarnos que tenemos promociones especiales.

Our own Brochures

Finally our brochures, Folded 3 ways in a 300grms paper, matte laminated with brillant sectors in the cover printed only in black, acheiving that delicate effect we wanted to present our brand. To get the attention of the public, we have the furious Pantone yellow from the inside we chose a very thin typography black for spanish and grey for english. This side was printed in 3 colours, so we have the grey custom made instead of using a dotted black matrix acheiving great quality and legibility.

Estadio de Mar del Plata

La bestia dormida, que feo no tener tiempo para hacer cosas, solamente 10 minutos, pasar, correr, seguir viaje, un lugar que cuando esta vacio asusta…

Publicidad Estratega

Group of graphic pieces published in different nationwide magazines designed for Estratega Consultancy  Check them out at

Sports wear clothing catalogue

The sixth season catalogue that the brand trusted it´s image to us, we developed the art direction, photography and catalogue. Steping aside the previous Idea that had promoted the natural beauties of the city where this brand was original from, we started a series based on abstract concepts and moods, rather than location or sports itself.   Ver mas de este desarrollo en nuestro perfil de Behance Network

Marca Hotel Tres Arroyos

Rediseño de la marca para el hotel tres arroyos de Necochea. Industria de la Hospitalidad Año 2010 Redesign of the “Tres Arroyos” Hotel brand from the city of Necochea. Hospitality Industry Year 2010

Website ASP Argentina

ASP Agroservicios Pampeanos choose our design services to develop it´s institutional website, we designed a valid css2 website with flash headers to improve the search engine optimization without loosing the visual impact of the random headers animations, we also used jquery technology for the services and other sections. Check the site online: Diseño web para ASP Argentina

Lusch Audi Website

Lusch, an Audi Aftermarket product Design and Manufacturing company trusted us its web design, we designed a full flash website and a payment section with paypal integration built using html and css2 Please dont hesitate and visit the site and see how outstanding Audi products this company Desing and Manufactures: Lusch, una empresa que Diseña y Fabrica autopartes decorativas para la marca Audi, nos confio el desarrollo de su website. Creamos un sitio web completamente en Flash y una seccion de compras con integracion a paypal hecha en html y css2 No dejen de visitar este sitio y ver los precisos y bellos productos que esta empresa Diseña y Fabrica: